Have you ever wondered how you can be part of the transformation of the lives of those we care for?

At Flat Rodonationck our staff strive daily to not only meet, but exceed the regulations that county, state and other accrediting bodies have outlined for us. We also aim to surpass the expectations that families have placed on us while caring for their children. We provide daily, residential treatment for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Each of our residents is cared for in a compassionate, Christ-centered environment by trained, caring staff.

To meet the often rigorous demands that individuals with intellectual, developmental and behavioral needs present, our staff work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Daily medical and ongoing needs of our residents are met by funding from Medicaid. However, this funding is often not sufficient to fully enrich and enhance the lives of our more than 100 individuals. To meet this need, we depend on the support of donors and community members, like you, to supplement our mission and ministry. Because of your continued support we are able to provide care and programming to individuals, their families and the community through our residential, educational and vocational programs.
Have you ever wondered how you can be part of the transformation of the lives of those we care for? When making your first gift to Flat Rock, or an additional gift, consider that every dollar that is donated to us allows us to enhance the lives of those we serve. If you choose to specifically designate your dollars we will not be able to tell you which of our more than 100 individuals you have helped due to HIPAA regulations. However, you will receive our publications and hear the success stories of our children and adults. You can be assured that your support was essential in allowing our individuals to reach their full potential and see their lives transformed.

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