Where does Flat Rock Serve?

Currently Flat Rock has one main campus in Seneca County where 34 individuals are served.  We also serve 43 residents through 13 Community Services waiver homes in 4 counties (Seneca, Huron, Erie, and Lorain).  Additionally we operate an adult day support program, Adult Advantages, in Bellevue, Ohio, (Erie County) where we provide vocational and leisure activities for adults. We have recently added a second location on our main campus in Flat Rock and are in the process of a third location in Bellevue.  These additional locations help to give us more opportunities to enhance our services to clients as well as offering more opportunities for new clients to join our programs.


What is Flat Rock’s church relationship?

Flat Rock is in covenant relationship with the East Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church. The church does not own us, but rather we have a mutual, voluntary relationship. Flat Rock’s faith based nature is also supported through the United Methodist Association and our EAGLE Accreditation.


How is the Care Center Funded?

Flat Rock residents are funded through various resources. Medicaid reimbursement through state and federal streams comprise  95% of funding. While private gifts make up a relatively small percentage of our overall budget, these gifts help us make sure we are able to meet the needs of our individuals.


How is the Community Services Program Funded?

Slightly different than our Care Center, the Community Services homes are funded through Individual Option (I/O) Waivers which are funded through Medicaid and are administered by each of Ohio’s 88 counties.


Where do the individuals that you serve come from?

Flat Rock is open to individuals from across the state of Ohio. Many are referred to us through County Boards and our Church partners. Parents of current residents have also referred families to inquire about the programs and services that we provide.


What is your capacity?

We have a licensed capacity of 34 children at the Care Center. Under current state restrictions we can not expand our capacity.


Is the care center at full capacity?

We operate at 100% capacity and have done so for years! We have a 6 year waiting list.


Are children ever allowed to leave to visit their families?

Yes they are! Nearly all of our children go home for major holidays. Some will go home for a week or two during the summer and others enjoy overnight or daytime visits with family and friends. This is entirely up to the family and what each individual’s personal preferences are.


How many employees does Flat Rock have? What is your annual budget?

We have more than 200 employees and a combined budget of more than $6 million.


When a child leaves Flat Rock, where does he or she go?

Children leaving our care typically go one of three places. First, a few may return home to live with their families. Most will go to a group home in a community where they live as independently as possible, but still receive some services to help them succeed. Some will remain in Flat Rock’s care for the rest of their lives.