Students: 8 Flat Rock Care Center students

12 students from the surrounding community

Current Ages:
8-22 years old

Number of Classrooms: 3

Number of Licensed Teachers: 3

Staff to Student Ratio: 1:1 (based on Individualized Education Plan)

Educational Partner: North Point Educational Service Center

Counties Served: Erie, Huron, Seneca and Ottawa

action_img_01The Flat Rock Educational Center opened in the fall of 2006 as a cooperative effort between Flat Rock Homes and North Point Educational Service Center. This school is specifically designed around the needs of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities and severe behavioral disorders.

Small class size and staff ratio allow for individual attention from teachers and aides. As a part of the cooperative effort, all teachers, aides and administrators at the school are thoroughly trained in the program plans for children living at the Flat Rock Care Center. These plans are seamless while our residents are at school and then transition back to their residential homes in the afternoon.

Students attend the Educational Center until the age of 22 when they graduate. Upon graduation they are enrolled in one of our Adult Day Support programs to further the vocational training they have received.