Carrie Jo’s Story

The staff at Flat Rock Care Center has known many of its residents since they were children and have watched them grow into adults.

They’ve developed a close bond and care deeply for their welfare. But this love does not just go in one direction as QIDP Cheryl explains. “I remember the time Carrie Jo went out with her housemates to get pizza, pop, and breadsticks. She knows I love pizza, breadsticks, and pop. When I saw her the next day the first thing she told me was that she ate a bite of cheese pizza and breadstick and took a big drink of Cherry Coke just for me. Carrie Jo said she was thinking of me and wanted me to have some of it too even though I wasn’t there!”

Carrie Jo has made great strides not just at home here in the Care Center, but she does an incredible job working at a local barbeque place. She works hard sweeping floors, restocking napkins, clearing and cleaning tables, and so much more!