Act Now! Stand with Individuals with Intellectual & Development Disabilities Whose Interests and Welfare are Jeopardized by DRO’s Unrepresentative Lawsuit

Dear Friends,

I come to you asking once again for your help and immediate action.

Disability Advocacy Alliance (DAA), disabled individuals, and their families are sending letters to Governor Kasich and Attorney General Mike DeWine requesting separate and independent legal representation to defend Ohioans with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) against a DRO lawsuit harmful to their health, safety and welfare.

DRO’s lawsuit attacks Ohio’s Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) program, sheltered workshops and facility based day programs which over 37,000 Ohioans with intellectual and developmental disabilities rely on for higher levels of care. The suit seeks to reallocate state funding away from these programs to “community settings”.

This class suit filed by DRO directly affects the individuals cared for at Flat Rock Care Center, an ICF program, and those individuals who participate in our Adult Advantages workshop program.

We stand with Ohio Disability Advocacy Alliance (DAA) in objection to this lawsuit and recognize that a full array of services is needed to support the diverse needs of individuals with disabilities and these choices should reside with the individual independently or with the aid of a parent/guardian, not through an unwelcome and unrepresentative lawsuit. 

As Ohio’s Protection & Advocay agency,  DRO is responsibile for representing the interests and well-being of all persons with intellectual & developmental disabilities across the State of Ohio. While DRO’s lawsuit advances the interests of some individuals with disabilities, this suit adversely and dangerously affects the interests and welfare of many other individuals with disabilities whose needs for a higher level of care are not represented in this lawsuit and, as a result, creates a disqualifying conflict of interest for DRO.

Federal law obligates the state of Ohio to provide legal representation to all individuals with disabilities regardless of the severity or degree of disability.  DAA urgently requests Governor Kasich to provide separate and independent legal representation to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities whose interests and well-being are jeopardized by DRO’s litigation. We ask for Governor Kasich’s immediate attention to this crucial matter due to the life altering and dangerous consequences DRO’s class suit could trigger.

We need you to act now and sign a letter to Governor Kasich and Attonery General DeWine demanding independent repersentation for individuals with intellectual & developmental disabilities whose interests are welfare are dangerously affected by DROs unrepresentative lawsuit so that their needs and interests are heard. 

Listen to our parents share why Flat Rock is the perfect place for their loved one:

If you are ready to sign a ready-to-send letter to Governor Kasich and Attorney General DeWine, please click the appropriate link below and enter your zip code:

  • CLICK HERE if you are a friend, family member or caregiver to a person with disabilities.
  • CILCK HERE if you are a parent or guardian for a person with disabilities.

I encourage you to share this letter and tell your friends, family, colleagues and church family to share this link and express your opinion to Governor Kasich and Attorney General DeWine.

To learn more about the lawsuit, click here . 

Thank you for standing with us!

In faith,

Rev. Nancy S. Hull, President & CEO
Flat Rock Homes, Care Center & Community Services