Adult Advantages & Aktion Club Celebrate a Fun-Filled Summer

Our individuals at Adult Advantages have been busy this summer! Their days have been filled with exciting field trips to see movies, visit local parks, to local swimming pools and to cheer on the Lake Erie Crushers. In addition, they work hard each day to achieve their vocation goals and work together to maintain their community recycling program.

100_5233We celebrate the successes of our individuals at Adult Advantages. For example, Gary* accomplished 100% on his vocational goal each day for the past year. Gary* spends time each day rolling silverware for one of the local restaurants in Bellevue. He has successfully accomplished his goal every day for the past year—what a tremendous achievement!

Many of individuals are also involved in our Aktion Club, a branch of the Kiwanis Club for individuals with intellectual & developmental disabilities. In partnership with the local Bellevue Kiwanis Club, our individuals engage in meaningful community projects. This summer, our individuals made dog treats and delivered them to the Huron County Humane Society.

Our team at Adult Advantages is so busy that the program has grown rapidly and has reached maximum capacity. As a result we are searching for a new home for our Adult Advantages program! Programs, such as Adult Advantages, are critical for individuals with intellectual & developmental disabilities to build valuable vocation skills, social skills and to engage with the community.

We are actively searching for a new space in which to move our Adult Advantages Program so that we can continue to meet the needs of individuals with intellectual & developmental disabilities in the community. Often, expanding these programs means an increased cost in order to attain the proper space for the program. We need your help to serve more individuals with intellectual & developmental disabilities in the community through our Adult Advantages program.

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