Administrator – Flat Rock Care Center

The Administrator of the Flat Rock Care Center (FRCC) serves as a member of the Senior Leadership Team of Flat Rock Homes, Flat Rock Care Center, and Flat Rock Community Services. The President/Chief Executive Officer leads this team.

Reports to: President/CEO

Location: This position is based out of the Flat Rock Care Center located in Flat Rock, Ohio (Bellevue area; NE Seneca County). While the position will offer some schedule flexibility for remote work (max. ~25%), it is a critical position requiring mostly on-site work. Must have reliable internet service at home. Company-provided mobile phone and laptop will be provided. Occasional, infrequent travel for meetings, events, and conferences, mostly throughout northern Ohio. Mileage reimbursement is provided for company-related travel.

Schedule: Salaried, generally Monday – Friday, regular day shift office hours; however, emergency calls may be received during evenings, nights, or weekends in case of an emergency issue with a resident. Except in extreme cases, most off-hours calls can be resolved quickly by phone/email. The Administrator is the Administrator of record for the facility with 24/7/365 responsibility per state requirements. Should the Administrator be unreachable such as for vacation travel, illness, family matters, etc., the Administrator would designate another member of the team for this responsibility per Medicaid and Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities rules and requirements.

Position Overview:

  • Directs day-to-day aspects of Flat Rock Care Center operations. Provides indirect supervision in the provision of services by other departments to Flat Rock Care Center;
  • Designated as Administrator of Flat Rock Care Center as outlined in 5123-3-01  of the Ohio Revised Code: Provider Certification of Agency Providers.
  • Ensures compliance as an Intermediate Care Facility (ICF/IID) subject to Medicaid Certification Standards and Licensure Rules.
  • Provides inspiring and positive leadership to staff, engaging them in the mission, vision, values, and strategic direction of the organization.

Supervision and Oversight:

  • Oversees all direct care functions within Flat Rock Care Center, including nursing, direct care (direct support), and administrative support.
    • Directly supervises the Director of Nursing, Lead Supervisor, Director of Therapeutic Services/QIDP, Director of Quality Assurance/QIDP, Director of Education/QIDP, Program Coordinator, Life Enrichment Coordinator, and Program Assistant.
    • Indirectly supervises Flat Rock Care Center’s Registered Nurse (RN), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), Supervisors, Direct Support Professionals (DSPs), and Life Enrichment Assistants.
  • Oversees ancillary providers in their provision of services to Flat Rock Care Center, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, respiratory therapy, lab services, and dietician.
  • Collaborates and coordinates with Director of Nursing regarding physicians in their provision of services to Flat Rock Care Center, including Medical Director, psychiatrist, neurologist, and others.
  • For matters of Flat Rock Care Center compliance, provides direction and, in some cases, operational control of staff under another manager’s direct supervision. Must be able to get results for Flat Rock Care Center by working collaboratively with other managers and staff working in other parts of the organization. Specifically, provides input into the following areas as they relate to Flat Rock Care Center operations: staff training, spiritual care, Adult Day Support Program, maintenance, housekeeping, information technology, purchasing, and performance excellence.


Administration of Flat Rock Care Center:

  • Oversight and Compliance:
    • Oversees day-to-day operations, ensuring quality care and services are provided to all residents.
    • Oversees creation of quality programs to meet needs/enhance the lives of residents while maintaining compliance with the rules and guidelines for ICF/IID Medicaid Certification Standards, state Licensure Rules, and other state and federal laws and regulations.
    • Leads investigation of Major Unusual Incidents (MUIs) and/or allegations of abuse/neglect. Ensures documentation and reporting procedures are followed. In collaboration with the responsible Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional (QIDP), supervises investigations of Unusual Incidents and injuries to residents, known or unknown.
    • Chairs the Interdisciplinary Team for decisions regarding program services.
    • Answers questions or interpretations of Program philosophy and goals.
  • Lead QIDP: This position provides leadership to the Program Team as a QIDP, functioning as the Lead QIDP. Leads the Interdisciplinary Team regarding program services. As Lead QIDP, the Administrator works with/oversees the QIDPs in:
    • Supporting residents, reviewing data/progress, and revising plans based on each individual’s needs and goals;
    • Ensuring:
      • Consistency among external/internal programs and services;
      • Services are designed and delivered to provide residents with an appropriate active treatment program;
      • Discrepancies or conflicts between programmatic, medical, dietary, and vocational aspects of the individual’s assessment and programs are resolved;
      • Follow-up on recommendations for services, equipment, or programs;
      • Adequate environmental supports and assistive devices are present to promote independence;
      • Required records are prepared and reports for the Individual Program Plan/IPP (Individual Service Plan/ISP) process are complete;
      • Residents’ rights are maintained and service needs are provided as identified in the IPP/ISP;
      • Staff are adequately trained in the active treatment process and other related skills.
    • Planning/implementing quality care for residents.
    • Leading the quarterly/annual review process.
  • Working with residents, including creation and implementation of the IPP/ISP, ensuring plans are created, approved, implemented, documented, and reviewed and that all plans are individualized. Coordinating  consultant services (other than therapies) for residents.
  • Admissions: Oversees Program Coordinator’s response to admission inquiries, processing of applications, interview practices, facilitation of pre-admission visits, coordination of waiting list, and agency/family contacts. Meets with Interdisciplinary Team to ensure a timely decision regarding appropriateness of admissions.
  • Innovation/Sustainability:
    • Seeks innovative strategies to provide highest quality services to residents and to improve operations.
    • Creatively uses technology, volunteers, interns, and other methods to improve outcomes, quality care, and efficiency.
    • Maximizes sustainability in operations. Contains costs, improves revenue, minimizes waste, and reduces environmental impact.
  • Leadership of Staff:
    • Trains/coaches staff, parents/guardians, Board, and others to ensure compliance with ICF/IID requirements.
    • Conveys to staff leadership’s gratitude for their work.
    • Fosters a high level of staff engagement with mission, vision, values, and strategic direction. Engages staff in our mission, while growing and developing long-term, effective relationship with them.
    • Leads supervisors in creating a high-performance, engaged employee culture, aimed at reducing voluntary turnover and improving retention of rock star employees.
    • Leads, trains, and coaches supervisors in effective ways to motivate, lead, and engage staff for increase performance. Models effective leadership and management.
    • Boldly challenges staff to high performance by helping them understand the needs of residents and how they can make a difference.
    • Working with Human Resources, strives to:
    • Develop non-cash benefits, rewards, incentives, and flexibility for staff that do not conflict with policies or current benefits;
    • Market Flat Rock Care Center as an “Employer of Choice” for applicants;
    • Recruit a pipeline of high-quality job applicants, who are ready to begin employment when a position is available;
    • Engage with candidates in the hiring and onboarding process.
    • Increase onboarding success and retention, especially first-year retention;
    • Create staffing patterns that provides sufficient coverage for operations and promotes self-care and prevents staff burnout;
    • Effectively communicate with staff and co-workers;
    • Effectively train, coach, engage, and motivate staff.

Financial Management: Manages a $4.9M+ annual operating budget (as of 2023). Works to improve Flat Rock Care Center financial performance. Maximizes revenue while containing or reducing expenses without sacrificing quality. As a member of the Senior Leadership Team, provides input into the annual organizational budget process. Serves as signer for relative bank accounts.

Senior Leadership:

  • Working collaboratively as part of the Senior Leadership Team:
  • Leads Flat Rock’s organizational operations for Flat Rock Homes, Flat Rock Care Center, and Flat Rock Community Services;
  • Reviews, develops, revises, and recommends policies/procedures to be approved by the President/CEO;
  • Suggests innovative strategies for Flat Rock operations;
  • Suggests improvements for effectiveness, efficiency, quality, innovation and sustainability in operations;
  • Ensures staff under other leaders’ supervision are coordinating/complementing Flat Rock Care Center’s operations and are following ICF/IID requirements, regulations, and best practices;
  • May be asked to provide leadership to other areas as part of the President/CEO’s succession plan;
  • May be asked to provide leadership in other areas as part of the Emergency Preparedness Plan.
  • Participates as a staff resource to the Flat Rock Ethics Committee.

Board Relations:

  • Serves as staff support/resource to the Joint Boards of Directors’ Services Strategic Priority Work Group and to the Flat Rock Care Center Board.
  • Serves as a catalyst/inspiration to Board thinking, aiding Board members in thinking and understanding policy choices/implications.
  • Regularly provides reports, updating the Board on Flat Rock Care Center operations.
  • Attends quarterly Board meetings and participates in other Board committee/work group meetings.
  • Actively participates in the Board’s strategic planning and annual action planning process.

Other: Attends all mandatory in-services and training programs as scheduled. Performs all essential duties and responsibilities of the position with or without reasonable accommodation. Other duties as assigned.

Eligibility Requirements: Mandatory requirements have an * asterisk.

  • Must be able to meet the following qualifications (as well as all other qualifications) as established in section 5123-3-01 of the Ohio Revised Code for Administration and Operation of Licensed Residential Facilities, including:
  • Has a valid birth certificate*;
  • Is at least twenty-one years of age*;
  • Has a valid Social Security card and a valid government-issued photo identification*;
  • Ability to read, write, and understand English at a level sufficient to comply with all requirements set forth in administrative rules governing the services provided.*
  • Has at least*:
    • One year of full-time (or equivalent amount of part-time) paid work experience in the provision of specialized services to a sizeable population of individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities (a few residents with these disabilities in a skilled nursing facility would not meet the qualification); or
    • Four years of experience providing care to a family member (i.e., parent, child, or sibling) with a developmental disability;
  • Has at least one year of full-time (or equivalent amount of part-time) paid work experience * in:
    • Supervision of employees;
    • Development, oversight, and/or supervision of programs or services; and
    • Financial management of an organization;
  • Holds either *:
    • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university; or
    • A high school diploma or certificate of high school equivalence plus
    • At least: four years of full-time (or equivalent amount of part-time) paid work experience as a supervisor of specialized services to a sizeable population of individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities; or four years of experience providing care to a family member (i.e., parent, child, or sibling) with a developmental disability *.


New hire/new appointment qualifications:

  • If hired, shall complete:
    • Training specified in the Administration and Operation of Licensed Residential Facilities rule;
    • Annual required training as specified in the Administration and Operation of Licensed Residential Facilities rule;
  • If newly appointed, within thirty days of hire, Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities’ (DODD) web-based orientation for Administrators as well as DODD’s training in empathy-based care described in Appendix A of the rule.
  • Must be able to successfully pass a background investigation in accordance with rule 5123-2-02 of the Ohio Administrative Code and consent to be enrolled by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities in the Ohio Attorney General’s retained applicant fingerprint database known as Rapback.
  • Must not have previously served as Administrator/CEO/Director of Operations for any agency provider within the last five years that had its provider certification revoked/not renewed.

Desired Candidate Attributes:

  • A passion for serving individuals with disabilities and their families, helping them to experience life transformation through Christ’s love and the work of Flat Rock Homes. A fierce desire to be a part of and contribute to a Christ-centered, faith-based culture;
  • Commitment to serve Flat Rock Care Center residents and to interact with stakeholders with compassion, grace, mercy, dignity, and respect;
  • The ability to initiate and build new relationships with residents, families, and other stakeholders; Well organized, diligent, and dependable with follow-through. Proven ability to be a self-starter and to work independently. Ability to work collaboratively with others. Communicate with clarity and in a way that creates a positive and engaging environment;
  • Maintain a professional image;
  • Possesses high emotional intelligence with the ability to work tactfully in a team and to enthusiastically receive positive or negative constructive feedback regarding work. Seeks out regular, ongoing feedback to improve;
  • Demonstrates integrity, honesty, and credibility – willing to “walk the walk” (set an example);
  • Must be proficient at using office technology, including email, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft 365 or similar suite of products, and internet browsers. Experience in the following software packages or web-based programs would be helpful: QuickMAR and CareTracker.
  • As a member of the Senior Leadership Team:
  • Heart to serve and a head for strategy and innovation;
  • Ability to work collaboratively;
  • Strong ability to add operational perspective from Flat Rock Care Center while thinking strategically about the needs of the entire Flat Rock organization;
  • Effectively use management practices, including human resources;

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