FLAT ROCK, OH- (February 2023) Flat Rock Homes recently received a modified minivan through a grant from ODOT. The grant covers about 80% of the cost. Flat Rock Homes was also recently gifted gently used wheelchairs from Debra Mohr and 2,400 N95 masks from The Bellevue Public Library. Flat Rock is grateful for the generosity of those in its community. Flat Rock Homes also received the Amcor Social Responsibility Grant. This will result in four new transport chairs being used in Flat Rock Community Services.

The modified minivan was purchased from Tesco and was modified with Braunability equipment. This van was part of the 2021 grant that was awarded to Flat Rock but the Ohio Department of Transportation. The vehicle will be used for Flat Rock Care Center Individuals as well as in the Adult Programs Department.

A private donor was gracious enough to donate wheelchairs that she no longer needed to Flat Rock’s continued mission. The Bellevue Public Library made a donation of their leftover N95 masks to Flat Rock Care Center and Community Services. These are utilized daily by some staff and by all staff if there is a sick individual.

Four new transport chairs are being purchased to fulfill more needs by the Amcor Social Responsibility Grant. These will make moving individuals from place to place simpler and upgrade some of the equipment currently in use for those served by Flat Rock Community Services.

If you have questions or would like to make a donation to Flat Rock Homes, Care Center, and Community Services, email