Flat Rock’s Promise of Life

Dear Friends,slide

We are dreaming of sunny spring days, fresh flowers and warm weather. Each spring brings brighter landscapes and renewed hope.

It is also the time of year for you to make a donation to the annual fund in memory and/or in honor of a loved one. The Geranium Fund, one of Flat Rock’s most significant funds, provides annual support for the planting and upkeep of more than 500 geraniums on our campus. All donations made above and beyond the cost of geraniums go to support the transformative programs that are provided through Flat Rock Homes.

Josh’s story is just one of many examples of the transforming power of care. Josh has lived at Flat Rock for about 16 years. When he lived at home, Josh did not sleep and required constant eyesight supervision day and night. His parents would take shifts watching him and tried to sleep when they could. It took all their effort just to keep him safe. Life was chaotic for them trying to care for Josh, create a safe environment for him, work and have careers, and support each other as a family. Because of Josh’s medical conditions, behaviors and various diagnoses, finding an agency that could provide the care Josh needs seemed hopeless until a now fellow Flat Rock parent recommended that they consider Flat Rock Homes.

Since coming to Flat Rock, Josh has flourished. He has discovered a love for cooking, takes trips to experience the world and most importantly lives in an environment where he is safe because Flat Rock’s staff is constantly present to provide the supervision and support his care requires. His parents and siblings are an active part of his life. They remarked that they never knew how much Josh enjoyed cooking because it took all their energy to provide 24/7 care for him at home, so there was not much time or energy left to help Josh explore new interests. Now, when Josh returns home to visit, he enjoys spending time with his parents in the kitchen helping cook and prepare food for family gatherings.

Just as spring holds the promise of new life, so too does Flat Rock’s promise to the individuals and the families we serve. We tend, nourish and care for the individuals and families that we serve and watch with love as they flourish and grow. We remember this sacred promise each spring as we plant and care for the geraniums in the gardens of our campus and watch them grown and enrich the world around them.

I encourage you to make a gift to our Geranium Fund for 2015. As you can see, the fund not only exists to help beautify our campus, but it plays a vital role in the therapeutic and life affirming programs that we offer to our residents. I pray that these last few days of winter are filled with the hope and promise of spring and the beauty of new life that comes with it

In faith,

Rev. Nancy S. Hull
President and CEO


To make a gift online visit  You will be able to select the Geranium Fund as your gift designation, and make a difference in the lives of our residents.