Have You Made Your Year Gift to Flat Rock?

One of the great joys of my ministry at Flat Rock is celebrating Christmas with our people.  They bring a pure joy and innocence to the season, reminiscent of the Christ Child Himself.

2015 has been a year full of faithfulness, hope and grace.

You stood with us as the State considered cutting critical funds and closing ICF’s.  You faithfully made gifts in tribute of those you love through our Geranium Fund.  You turned out in record breaking numbers to celebrate our 10th Annual Race at the Rock and you gave generously at our biennial quilt auction.  What a blessed people we are because of your love for our individuals.  Won’t you again consider a gift to Flat Rock this Christmas season?

We are continually humbled by the outpouring of generosity from you, our faithful supporters throughout the year and most importantly at year’s end.  It reminds me of one of my favorite hymns, “I Love to Tell the Story”.

Through your loving and faithful gifts, you tell the story of Jesus’ love, and we at Flat Rock are able to share the hope and promise of Jesus with those we serve.

On even the most difficult days here at Flat Rock, when funding is in short supply, direct care staff are working long hours from the dark of morning to the dark of night,  individuals are in crisis and families are begging for help, we turn our hope to Jesus Christ.

Several months ago, Sue was hospitalized for a severe deterioration in both her physical and mental health.  Many of you know Sue, she has lived among us for more than thirty years, growing up here at Flat Rock.  This is her home.  In June she was shuffled from Intensive Care to Psychiatric Unit and back and forth.  Just as her medical condition would stabilize, her behavioral health needs would increase.  In mid-July I received the call, hospitals and psychiatric units could do no more for her, she would be discharged to a state psychiatric hospital the next day.  After a quick meeting with our program team and Sue’s mother, we knew that she needed to come home, to Flat Rock.  Within days of returning to us, Sue showed more frequent and lengthier moments of lucidity.  Sue may not be fully healed, but she is home, and knows she is a beloved child of Christ.   This Christmas, she will be with us to feel the love and care that each of you has for our people.  I love to Tell the Story!

As you prepare for the upcoming Advent and Christmas Season, we encourage you to make a prayerful gift to our love and faith filled ministry.

Your gifts make it possible for us to continue caring for Sue and more than 100 other individuals here at Flat Rock.  Each of the individuals we serve brings a special light and life to the world, telling the story of Jesus’ love and the hope that we each find in him this Christmas Season and throughout the year.

If you would like to make a Year End gift online, click here. To find out about other giving opportunities, please contact Amanda Nicol, VP for Advancement, at 419-483-7330 ext. 1127 or at

We thank you once again for the outpouring of support and love that you have shown Flat Rock this year. We wish you and yours a very Merry and blessed Christmas!