The Governor has approved indoor family visitation for individuals with developmental disabilities who live in intermediate care facilities if the facility can meet certain strict guidelines for space. The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities has published a lengthy list of guidelines that we’re required to meet.  

Unfortunately, Flat Rock Care Center doesn’t have any space that meets these guidelines—space away from living areas in the main part of the Care Center as well as staff areas that can be disinfected between uses. We had originally planned to rent an office trailer like the type used on construction sites, but we’re running into loads of delays, obstacles, and expenses for electrical, permitting, etc., which makes this seem like it’s no longer a viable plan.

Our families are currently visiting outdoors, but, with each passing day, we’re getting closer to winter. Freezing temps are forecasted overnight this weekend. We’re desperate to keep family visitation going because it means so much to our residents and their family’s quality of life. But, continuing outdoor visitation is not sustainable. This is an immediate need!

We’re now considering an RV, camper or camping trailer. Here are pertinent details:

  1. We will not be using the water in the kitchen or the bathrooms in the trailer since we don’t have a water source or place to dump the wastewater.
  2. We will not be using the bedrooms or sleeping spaces. We only need the living area.
  3. Need for approximately 6 months beginning immediately. Willing to let us park it on our main campus in Flat Rock during this time.
  4. Willing to deliver the camper to Flat Rock or, if we’re to pick-up, it should be able to be towed by a regular pick-up truck or SUV (we don’t have fifth-wheel hook-up). A drivable RV would also work.
  5. Door wide enough for wheelchair access – 32” should be perfect. We will be renting a ramp to allow for wheelchair/walker access.
  6. Needs to be enough living room space for 3-4 adults to sit and visit for about an hour. Need to be able to turn a wheelchair once inside.
  7. Must have the ability to be powered by plugging into an outlet (no special hard wiring needed).
  8. Must have heat and air conditioning. We’ll run the heat, but need to be able to run air-conditioning on fan mode to allow circulation of outside air.
  9. Able to have hard surfaces disinfected between visits.  
  10. This might be of particular interest to anyone looking to park their RV, camper, or camping trailer during the winter for FREE!

Do you know of anyone that may be able to help us meet this immediate need? Anyone in our churches or volunteer groups? Maybe UMVIM or Nomads? Or any other organizations? Feel free to forward this information to any person, group, or church who may be able to help.

Have a better idea that we haven’t considered? Let us know! We’re interested in any good way to meet this need.

Interested parties may contact me at (best way to contact) or via text or email to 419-357-7330 (mobile). They may also reach out to Joe Felton, VP-Finance and Operations at or at 419-483-7330 ext. 1132.

Thank you for any help with this need!

Karen L. Kilgo
President/CEO of Flat Rock Homes, Care Center, & Community Services