Lenten Reflections

As the Lenten season begins, we prepare to make earthly sacrifices in remembrance of Jesus Christ.

This Lent, I invite you to share the love of Christ with our individuals by making a gift to Flat Rock Homes. We need your critical support to fill the gap in funding we experience by cuts to our Medicaid reimbursements. Will you make a special gift to Flat Rock this Lenten season?

Just as our Heavenly Father gave His only son for our sins, we prepare over the next weeks to welcome a resurrected Christ to the world as a symbol of eternal salvation. Christ reveals to us the truest meaning of justice, compassion, love, forgiveness, mercy and righteousness.  He invites us to follow Him and, as we follow, we learn to serve.

Serving others looks different for each of us as we learn to share the gifts with which God has blessed us. It is through sharing our gifts and making sacrifices that the Body of Christ is strengthened. We hold each other up and are able to accomplish great things as we give of ourselves.

So often our individuals are told by the world that they are somehow “less”. Each of the individuals we serve is a beloved Child of God and a member of the Body of Christ with us. By investing in their care, you remind them just how much they are loved.

Through your gifts, we continue our commitment to provide excellent care to our individuals, transforming their lives and the lives of their families by demonstrating Christian values. We hope you will join us this Easter with a gift to our ministry.

Praying for you and your faith family a reflective Lenten season, a joyous Resurrection Day and Happy Easter!


For more information on ways to support Flat Rock’s mission and ministry, contact Amanda Nicol at or at 419-483-7330 ext. 1127.