Life Enrichment Assistant

Job Summary:

The Life Enrichment/Activities Assistant is responsible for assisting the Life Enrichment/ Activities Coordinator with preparing and carrying out activity programs for the community that reflect the varied individual interests and provides them with a meaningful and enriching life.  The Life Enrichment/Activities Assistant will assist with programming that encompasses all facets of an individual’s being:  physical, social, intellectual, artistic, and spiritual and that includes activities in and outside of the community.  This position is also responsible for assisting in the recruitment, training, and coordination of volunteer members and the cultivation of staff involvement in activities.

Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Assist in the implementation of a comprehensive activities program to help meet the physical, social, intellectual, artistic, and spiritual needs of the individual with developmental disabilities.
  2. Help prepare materials and set up spaces where designated activities will occur.
  3. Assist with and/ or lead a variety of activities under the direction of the Life Enrichment Coordinator.
  4. Work with various staff members to help provide a balanced blend of academics, life management skills, vocational services, and enrichment activities based upon interests and goals written in the individual’s ISP.
  5. Encourage individual involvement to attend and participate in activities of interest.
  6. Assist in preparing for and/ or hosting special events, including holiday events.  Assist in decorating the community according to the current holiday or event.
  7. Practice infection control techniques and good handwashing practice before and after all activities.
  8. Help maintain a clean and organized environment in all areas in which activities occur.
  9. Assist with the use and implementation of varied technologies.
  10. Provide and/ or assist with transportation for regular and special outings.
  11. Possess and maintain a strong knowledge of the individuals served.
  12. Carry out other duties as assigned by supervisor.


  1. Genuine concern for and ability to work with individuals with developmental disabilities.
  2. Knowledge of the requirements for providing care and supervision for individuals with developmental disabilities.
  3. Experience in creating and coordinating activities that help create meaningful days, productive years and fulfilling lives.
  4. Ability to lead and motivate people.
  5. Possess sufficient communication and language (oral, written, ASL) skills to perform job duties and communicate with individuals, other staff, family members, etc., as needed.
  6. Must be able to utilize standard precautions knowledge and infection control measures where required.
  7. Must be able to work weekends, evenings, and holidays as needed.


Minimum high school graduate preferred two years of college specialized in academic areas of Developmental Disabilities.

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Are you fully COVID-19 vaccinated? Employees must be fully COVID-19 vaccinated in order to be eligible for this position and provide proof during the onboarding process.

We are a faith-based organization however we do not discriminate on the basis of someone's religion or lack of religion. We are an equal-opportunity employer.

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