Mission Spotlight: Wellington UMC

Flat RockWellington UMC Mission Team Homes was blessed to welcome Wellington UMC Youth Fellowship for a 3-Day mission project July 29-31, 2015.

This team of 11 youth and 5 adults worked hard to paint and repair the handicap ramp at Conway home, one of Flat Rock’s 18 Community homes. They diligently painted the ramp, making sure that the edging was well done and the wood was sealed. They added anti-slip sand into the paint used for the ramp and steps so that our residents would not slip as they walked in and out of their home. They also re-enforced any loosed boards and posts so that the ramp is well supported.

In addition to their work project, the mission team had the opportunity to spend a day with our school-aged kids who are participating in our Summer Activities Program. The mission team spWellington UMCent their first day with our kids tie-dying t-shirts with them, had the chance to go swimming with them in the afternoon and then participated in Christian Education with them in the evening.

A special thanks to Wellington UMC Youth Fellowship Director Katie Woods for bringing this incredible youth group to Flat Rock. And a huge thank you to the youth and to the adult leaders for all of their hard-work! It was a tremendous blessing and joy to welcome you to Flat Rock!

If you are interested in having a mission team visit Flat Rock Homes, please contact Becky Machovec, Assistant Director of Advancement, at 419-483-7330 ext. 1126 or at