Snow Day Fun!

Snow is falling and the chill of winter has settled across Ohio. As snowstorms roll across the area, schools close, traffic is delayed and we long for warmer days.

At Flat Rock, we know how to have fun on snow days. On one blustery day this past month, our individuals spent the morning engaging in a relay in the gym. They worked as a team to Build-a-Snowman taking turns to place the nose, eyes, top-hat, scarf and buttons on a snowman.

The two teams cheered each other on, smiling and laughing the whole time. Far from a feeling of cabin fever and winter blues, the gym was alight with joy and fun.

Our Program area carefully plans activities, such as the Build a Snowman relay, to engage our residents in active fun. In addition, each house plans special outings for residents so that they can engage with the surrounding community.

At Flat Rock we like to have fun as we play games, go out to eat, go shopping and interact with the world around us!