Spotlight on Foundations

Thanks to the generous gifts from the Tiffin Charitable Fund, Ohio Boys Town Inc.,  and the Albert G. and Olive H. Schlink Foundation, Flat Rock grant support is growing.

Earlier this year, Flat Rock Homes received two $5,000.00 gifts from the Tiffin Charitable Fund, which were made possible through the Betty Jane Memorial Fund and the Access to Recreation Fund (A2R). Ohio Boys Town Inc., also made a gracious gift of $5,000.00 last fall. These three gifts will be used to help fund a walking trail that will transform part of Flat Rock’s campus into a beautiful recreational path for Flat Rock’s residents to use.

Ohio Boys Town Inc. and the Tiffin Charitable Fund share similar visions to Flat Rock Homes in that they strive to help those individuals who are so often marginalized. The Tiffin Charitable Fund, located in Tiffin, OH, seeks to support organizations in the surrounding area that assist and promote physical, mental, social and vocational rehabilitation for people with disabilities.  Ohio Boys Town, located in Cleveland, OH, seeks to provide boys and young men in the foster care system with access to a safe and nurturing home, as well as, access to education, healthcare and other necessities.

During the winter, Flat Rock received additional funding from the Albert G. and Olive H. Schlink Foundation to support and enhance our therapeutic programs.  A $20,000 grant will be used to update our sensory rooms and activity centers at the Care Center, Adult Day Support Program, and at the Educational Service Center.  Sensory processing and therapy are critical to our individuals and the positive outcomes towards goals and decreased behaviors.  Sensory input can involve a wide variety of activities, including bubble machines, music, light and sound therapy, therapeutic input via the iPad and other types of visual, touch or audio input.  Thank you to the Schlink Foundation for their continued investment in our mission!

Flat Rock Homes is overjoyed to be the recipient of these grants and is looking forward enhancing the lives of our residents thanks to this funding. Gifts like these ensure that Flat Rock’s individuals will be offered further opportunity for emotional, physical and therapeutic growth.

Thank you to the Tiffin Charitable Fund, Ohio Boys Town Inc. and the Schlink Foundation,  for your kind and generous gifts to Flat Rock Homes. It is because of generous donations, and others like them, that Flat Rock is able to provide these outstanding services and programs to our residents.

For more information on how you can support opportunities and initiatives for Flat Rock’s individuals, please contact Amanda Nicol at 419-483-7330 or at