Update on Petitions!

Petitions web articleIn February, Flat Rock Homes, in collaboration with the Disability Advocacy Alliance, launched a petition campaign to secure the rights of individuals with disabilities and their right to choice. Thanks to Dan Jones, Chairman of the advocacy initiative and parent of a Flat Rock resident, we reached out to our network of friends, churches and allies. Throughout the next weeks, DAA and it’s collaborators were able to collect more than 18,500 signatures.

On March 17, 2015, while testifying in front of the Ohio House of Representatives Finance Subcommittee on Health and Human Services, Dan Jones, Caroline Lahrman, and Sherry Rinck submitted the petitions. The subcommittee was visibly moved, and offered thanks for the efforts that these parents and staff of Intermediate Care Facilities had put in to the petition. Rep. Mark Romanchuk even tweeted out a photo of the three with petitions in hand to show the great work.

The hard work is not done yet. Petitions continue to be collected. Please share the petition with those who have not signed. We will continue to collect these through April 14. Please mail them to Flat Rock Homes or to the DAA address on the petition.

Thank you for your support!