Flat Rock Homes, Care Center, and Community Services serves individuals through a dedication to caring and excellence that demonstrates Christian values.

We operate a 36 Bed Care Center where we serve 34 individuals with 2 respite beds and 10 Community Group Homes where we serve 30 consumers. We also serve individuals through our Adult Day Support programs. Our outstanding services show that through Christ-centered care and a team-based approach, that our residents and consumers can meet and exceed expectations that society places on them.

Family is a critical component of our mission and ministry. Many residents go home for weekends and overnight visits, and most will spend some time with their families over holidays. We encourage family members to be as involved as they are able with the ongoing care and treatment of their loved one. Here at Flat Rock, we strive to add to the support system already in place of those that we serve as opposed to replacing their families.

Several times each year Flat Rock creates opportunities for families to be involved in activities with their family members who reside in our Care Center or Community Services Program. Each year brings The Dick Parks Memorial Race at the Rock in May. During this event, we have our Inspirational Race where individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities come and are celebrated for their abilities rather than their disabilities. Families of the individuals come and walk with them around the Care Center Campus getting to simply enjoy their time with their loved ones. Christmas is one of the biggest celebrations here at Flat Rock. Each year there are a huge number of Christmas parties and even a Christmas Program where our residents and consumers tell the story of the birth of Jesus to kick off the Christmas season. Friends and family join in on the celebration each year.

While it is true that the individuals at Flat Rock Care Center spend the majority of their time with us, our staff does not replace their parents. Parents are deeply involved in their child’s care and meet with Flat Rock Staff several times throughout the year. At these meetings, the individual's progress is discussed and a strategy for the coming months is developed. Parents are always welcome to come to campus and be as involved with their loved ones as much they are able.

Perhaps best describing the relationship of gratitude and shared support of the family and the staff of Flat Rock Care Center is the statement of a mother who spoke in a public gathering about her son’s life at Flat Rock. She said, “I gave my son birth, but Flat Rock gave him life.”  The family members of two brothers who live at Flat Rock Care Center recently remarked,

“Flat Rock is the best thing we could imagine for these boys on this side of heaven.”