Meet Our Staff

Main Phone Number: 419-483-7330

Office of the President & Chief Executive Officer

Karen Kilgo, President & CEO: ext 1104

Margaret “Meg” Larkin-Downing, Executive Assistant: ext 1420

Finance & Operations

Joe Felton, Vice President of Finance & Operations: ext 1132

Amy Hartley, Finance Associate: ext 1131

Brianne Daniel, Operations Manager: ext 1410

Fred Coffey, IT Coordinator: ext 1105

Marketing & Development

Sherri Buehl, Church & Community Engagement Coordinator

Stephanie Chenevey, Development Associate: ext 1113

Rose Darling, Church & Community Engagement Coordinator

Cynthia Geiger, Donor Engagement Specialist

Jill Kinser, Legacy Giving Specialist

Margaret “Meg” Larkin-Downing, Marketing Manager: ext 1420

Meet the Flat Rock Engagement Team

Human Resources

Tami Cummings, Director of Human Resources: ext 1128

Ann Fleming, Human Resources Associate: ext 1116

Flat Rock Care Center

Lisa Hart, Administrator of Flat Rock Care Center: ext 1114

Karen Henry, Director of Quality Assurance & Training, QIDP: ext 1124

Jeanise Hoeffel, Director of Therapeutic Services, QIDP: ext 1106

Kim Lee, Coordinator of Program Services: ext 1109

Cheryl Martin, QIDP: ext 1107

Karen Myers, Program Associate: ext 1127

Flat Rock Community Services

Administrator of Flat Rock Community Services: ext 1129

Cynthia Johnson, Director of Adult Programs: ext 1102


Main: ext 1200

Angela Kennison, Assistant Director of Nursing: ext 1118

Faith Services

Cyndi Johnson, Christian Empowerment Coordinator: ext 1102