What is Adopt-A-Home?

This allows your church or group to develop closer relationships with residents of Flat Rock Care Center and those in the Community Services homes. Our homes include 2-6 residents at any given time, so it is a small number per home to ‘adopt.’

You may choose to support them through the following suggestions or add your own!

  • Keep in touch with your residents to encourage, and bless their lives
  • Pray for the residents and staff and families
  • Send greeting cards and gifts for birthdays, holidays, and “just because.”
  • Sponsor (donation) a BBQ, picnic, pizza or holiday party or other fun & food event
  • Sponsor (donation) an outing to the Zoo, to a ball game, or other activity
  • Purchase things they need, such as towels, bedding, cleaning supplies, books, magazines, etc.
  • Where appropriate, help plant a garden or supply needed gardening supplies
  • Add your own ideas!

The ‘adoption’ is annual, from the initial date of the ‘adoption.’ * After you agree to adopt a home, you will have a staff member to guide you.

There is no fee to adopt a home. Once you have agreed to adopt, feel free to be as active as you wish, in compliance with the designated staff member. You may join with another church to adopt a home.

Will you adopt a home to build a closer relationship with our individuals?

Please email our engagement team and we can help you choose which home best suits your group!

*You may opt-out at any time, if necessary.

If you choose a home with three (3) residents, here are suggestions of ways in which you may help, along with estimated expenditures:

Three birthday gifts @ $15-20 each= $45 to 60
Three Christmas gifts @ $15-20 each= $45 to 60
Six towels once year @ $8 each= $48
Three twin sheet sets @ $18-20= $54-60
Annual magazine subscription @ $19= $19
Donate pizza party twice a year @ $30= $60
Send greeting cards four times a year= $6
Donate $20 each toward an activity= $60

That makes it about $31 a month or $373 over the year.

NOTE: This is an example. The above items may not all be needed each year.

Flat Rock Care Center and Community Services homes have between 2 and 6 residents.