Adult Advantages Adult Day Services

Flat Rock Adult Advantages is designed to build community inclusion through recreational, social, and vocational activities where participants attending Adult Advantages explore person-centered opportunities, build relationships, and partner with county agencies, nursing homes, and social groups that enable our participants to not only learn about their local communities but become a vital part of their local communities.

It is the goal of Adult Advantages to assist every participant to explore, engage, and embrace choices and options for growth, independence in their communities.

Daily Activities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Spend the day volunteering local clothing bank, assisting in delivering meals on wheels; preparing blessing bags for local homeless shelters; or doing a socially distanced recreational activity (wellness walks at local parks, Sandusky Sports Force Recreational Facility;)
  • Build vocational training opportunities by job shadowing areas of interest or volunteering at employers and nonprofit agencies
  • Participants learn health and safety tips; participate in wellness activities, while enhancing their daily goals and life skills.
  • Art– Adults learn to express themselves through crafts, painting, and other creative projects.
  • Music– In our music therapy sessions, adults learn to play instruments and participate in fun group activities such as karaoke and talent shows.
  • Cooking– Staff teach basic cooking and meal preparation to those who want to develop independent living skills.
  • Exercise– Group sports and Wii time develop social skills and physical fitness.
  • Community outings – Structured outings to parks, museums, and other locations, and volunteer work help adults feel connected in their communities.
  • Games – From board games to cards to bingo, games offer a fun way to improve social